Wreath Floating in Ocean Memorial At Sea

Burial at Sea review from Jeff and Linda

Last weekend we cast the ashes of our good friend, Bryan M., into the sea while aboard the sailing yacht Jada. I must say that the entire experience was first rate, thanks to the owner Carole, skipper and crew of Jada. We motor-sailed out to the Point and found the legal off shore area where it is permissible to scatter the ashes of the deceased. Carole had secured for us the necessary permits ahead of time. The crew provided a very classy looking urn to use for the disbursement. We said a few prayers and tossed the ashes into the sea along with wreaths and rose petals that we had brought along. It was at once fitting, dignified and meaningful for our guests (about 18 people). The captain of the boat then slowly circled the spot where the ashes and wreaths were laying. We hadn’t counted on this but it was a very nice touch. Upon returning to the bay under sail, we caught a freshening breeze and had a lively sail. We used the time to share anecdotes and remembrances about our dear friend. The crew was great. Mindful. Respectful and eager to please. We were served several appetizers and beverages and it all came off without a hitch. Towards the end of the cruise we were presented with souvenir JADA post cards that had an inscription on the back of the precise longitude and latitude of the scattering of ashes. Another unexpected touch. I would strongly recommend chartering JADA for such an event. Kudos to all the made our special day truly special.

Recently we scattered the ashes of our good friend, Bryan M. aboard the Jada. I highly recommend using this company for scattering your loved one’s ashes at sea. The crew was fantastic!! They offered us any assistance we needed, were very respectful, served our appetizers and drinks throughout the sail and couldn’t have been nicer. They also offered a few bits of interesting information about the sights we were observing when appropriate. They put up the sails on our return trip and we had a lovely sail back to the dock. Also I might add the yacht is absolutely gorgeous!!
They made the event a very special day for all of us….. it is a day I will always remember.
Linda B.